The Orb
Narrator The Wizard
Volume One Rainy Day in May
Starts May 10, 2014 (11:51:10)
Ends May 10, 2014 (12:04:07)
Previous chapter Big Surprise
Next chapter Power Draws a Crowd

"The Orb" is the sixth chapter of One Rainy Day in May. It is the first chapter to be narrated by Catherine "Cas" Aa'ala Stern, also known as The Wizard.

Chapter Quote Edit

"Do you like our owl?" - Blade Runner

Summary Edit

The chapter opens up on May 10, 2014 at 11:51:10 in Marfa, Texas. Cas and her husband Bobby are hiding out in an RV where they hope they will not be found. The two are in possession of a mysterious Orb. They do not fully understand how to use it or how it works but it seems to be able to show different moments throughout history. It may possibly be able to see different versions of those same events as well. Cas uses the Orb to view different events until Bobby approaches her and asks if she would like anything for lunch.

Cas seems to be depressed over a failed attempt at something that happened before the chapter began. When a police car drives past the trailer, she becomes anxious and paranoid until it is no longer in sight. She and Bobby begin discussing recent events. They have lost a great deal of what they worked for in the past because of someone who goes by the name Recluse. According to Cas, Recluse has managed to create a VEM Window Reduction which has caused their Distribution to self-replicate. It is unclear what this exactly means.

Cas asks Bobby about the locations of some of their other associates. These people go by the names Endoria, Artemis, Treebeard, Sorcerer, and Warlock. Bobby is unsure of where they are, though they are both relieved that their partner Deakin, aka Merlin, arrived. He checked into a hotel earlier in the morning and has invited the two for dinner. Bobby is always becomes slightly uncomfortable around Deakin because of a fling between him and Cas that occurred in the 70s, though he does his best to look past it now.

The two continue to discuss the recent events involving Recluse. Somehow, Recluse has managed to completely remove all existing information about the two of them as well as the information they wanted to make public off of the internet. Neither of them know how he could do this. They have spent the past three days searching for any remaining information but were unable to find anything. They hope that he has not been able to track their current location yet. Shortly after, Cas returns to the Orb. Bobby suggests that the Orb could be evil.

The chapter ends on May 10, 2014 at 12:04:07.

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